Elaine Jex

elainebiopic 001I am the off-site billing, financial and human resource manager for Verst Spine Care.  I have worked for Dr. Verst since his arrival to the Wood River Valley, approximately 12 years ago.  Must say, my current job with Dr. Verst is the most challenging and rewarding job I’ve had in the medical field.  I worked in the Hailey office until 2007 and relocated to Henderson, NV and now do my job from home.  I love the warm weather and most importantly, no snow.  I have worked for spine surgeons for 22 years in numerous roles in a spine surgeon’s private practice.  My top priority is excellence in patient services, from pre-authorizations for surgeries to helping patients with insurance problems.  With the complexity of healthcare, excellence in patient care and patient services are essential.  Patients are always welcome to call me with insurance coverage questions or questions regarding accounts.  Call me anytime at 702-896-9677.